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Internet Ordering System - IOS
Visit our demo website
We have prepared a demo website where you can try the online experience.

Click the link below to open the website in a new window. Then copy any of the shoot keys to below and enter them into the log-in page to gain access to the site.

Green screen

A multi-pose green screen job where you can select your own background.

Note how the background and image renders ‘live’ in the products.


Chargeable options

Here we have made the customization chargeable.

Background selections, design choices and personalized text now have an optional fee.


Identify pre-ordering

A special way of pre-ordering. Everybody orders with the one key.
Customers are prompted to ‘identify’ who they are ordering for.

A condition has been setup here so the "3rd child is free". Try it!


Marketing campaigns

A very powerful feature is the ability to automatically and dynamically change products and pricing based on any condition you can imagine.

We simulate a Mother's Day promo with this example.


Magic pricing

Add any package to the cart and subsequent packages of equal or lower value are half price.


Bonus packages and dynamic pricing

Package can 'automagically' appear and prices can 'automagically' change depending on what other packages have been added to the cart, the value of the cart or any other condition you can think of


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