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Fast and reliable tethered shooting with CapturePost

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Fast and reliable on site tethered shooting allows you to photograph with confidence and without delays.
Support for most professional digital cameras means you can continue to use your favourite camera.
Incredible download speeds of 2-4 seconds won't delay you as you work!
Pre-load your job with subject data and instantly match images to subjects as you shoot. Or shoot without data, adding it later at your convenience.
Print ID cards and proof cards on site adding value to your sales.

How it works

An overview of working with CapturePost.

Enter orders

Orders can be entered as you shoot!

Supported cameras

CapturePost supports an extensive list of cameras.

Safety checks

A number of safety checks let you shoot with peace of mind.

For the laboratory

Accept and even prepare jobs for CapturePost with the "Neo" programs.

Print ID cards and proofs

Use CapturePost to instantly print ID cards and proofs as you shoot.

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