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Although old, these movies are ideal for new users to the software. More recent movies are available on our YouTube channel here

The movie pages provide a number of movies which demonstrate the usage of various Timestone Software applications.
Each movies is in the form of a self-running exe file. Simply download the movie and run the file - no special plug-ins or players are needed.

Green screen
The Timestone Software Chroma Key module provides a simple yet incredibly fast, accurate and automated system for removing the background from your images and replacing them with new backgrounds of your choosing
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OutPost is a simpler alternative to NeoPack/Professional and PackBuilder for package printing. Using it a photographer is able to collate and correct images, design package layouts, prepare pages and send to a lab ready for printing.
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Working with multiple poses
Learn how Poses Mode can be used to handle jobs where multiple images or poses are taken. Open the door to a creative approach to package printing.
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Proof sheets in NeoPackProfessional and PacBuilder
Use Item sheets mode to create a proof sheet
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School Photography Scenario
The school photography movies demonstrate a typical school photography scenario - taking you from pre-photography right through to production. A number of applications are hilighted and how they relate to each other. Keep in mind that you may not need all of them.
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Template design
The school photography movies used a number of sample templates. The template design movies explain in detail how these sample templates were made.
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Working with NeoPack/Professional
A set of three movies demonstrate NeoPack/Professional from data entry and image handling, through to production.
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Creating composite group photos with NeoComposite and CompositeBuilder
A set of three movies demonstrate how NeoComposite or CompositeBuilder are used to create composite groups.
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Creating traditional group photos with NeoGroup
Name lists for traditional group photos can be created in both DataPost and NeoGroup. This set of movies show you how.
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Forming memory mates
Using NeoPack/Professional learn how to set up your data and design templates for memory mates.
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Miscellaneous movies
A collection of movies demonstrating various products and features. Current titles include: 1. Collating your work prior to printing with the new Collate utility. 2. Using 8-bit masks to enhance your work 3. Creating barcodes for use with CapturePost and DataPost download these movies

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