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Installation and licensing
All users should download the following two documents.
Please consult these documents before contacting support with any questions regarding installation or licensing
Download the Installation and Licensing Quick Start Guide
Download Installation and Licensing Full Manual

Jobs and data
Comprehensive references for working with data and jobs. These documents apply to all programs
Download data manual
Download jobs manual

Chroma key module and Backdrop
The following document describes use of the chroma key module (green screen).
The first half of the document (keying images) also applies to Backdrop
Download Chroma Key Module User Guide

Program specific manuals
The following documents are the original program manuals. Although now dated they are still relevant but should be read in conjunction with the jobs and data manuals above and articles in the
knowledge base which describe the newer features.
NeoPack/Professional and PackBuilder
NeoComposite and CompositeBuilder
NeoGroup and GroupBuilder
NeoPack/Plus and OutPost

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